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July 2018

Top 10 Wellness & Weight Loss Strategies

#1: Meet your Nutrient Needs: This simply means eating a wide range of colorful fruits and vegetables in order to give the body what it needs to function best.   *Eat high quality lean proteins at each meal (aim for 30g/meal) to fuel your activity and support your muscular system.   *Consume healthy fats rich in Omega 3's to reduce inflammation in the body (fish, seeds, eggs, fish oil, etc) *Correct any nutrient deficiencies that you know of. Most Americans are deficient in vitamins such as B12, E, C, and vitamin D as well as minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium.  Consider a good multivitamin/mineral supplement. *Eat fibrous starches (oats, sweet potato, root vegetables, quinoa, etc) #2: Listen to Your Body: Now this one takes practice.  Your body is always...